12th March 2014 - Charities We Support




Kidsafe is an organisation based in Stockport, Cheshire that is actively committed to helping keep kids safe across the UK and Eire since 1996.

The philosophy at Kidsafe is to make children more aware of the dangers they face without destroying their sense of adventure and making learning about safety fun.

Kidsafe provide many schools, in all parts of the UK & Eire with vital safety information free of charge, which includes a board game that uses examples of safety issues which children may encounter.  The games pack has been professionally designed after consultation with educationalists across the UK, and capture children’s imagination in a way that they find fun.  By taking this unique approach, Kidsafe can be confident that they are helping children to enjoy their play whilst observing essential safety guidelines.

Their safety activities include:
• Vandalism and crime prevention
• Racism and bullying
• Drugs
• Road safety
• Green Cross Code

We at LabelsPlus have been proud members of their Kidsafe Supporters Club for many years and have just renewed our annual pledge.

To help local children Play Safe and Stay Safe, contact Kidsafe on 0161 429 8894 or visit their website www.kids-safe.net