A General Rules Guide For Food Labelling

The Following Information Must Be On The Front Of Packaged Foods


  1. The name of the food
  2. A best before or use by date (or state where to find it)
  3. Any neceessary warnings
  4. Quantity information


The Following Must Also Be Visible, But Can Be On The Front, Side Or Back Of The Package


  1. A list of ingredients (if there are more than two)
  2. Allergy or health warnings for certain ingredients
  3. The name and address of the manufacturer, packer or seller
  4. The use by date
  5. Any special storage conditions
  6. Cooking instructions (if they are necessary)
  7. A warning for drinks with an alcohol content above 1.2%
  8. A warning if the product contains GM ingredients, unless if their presence is 0.9% or less
  9. A warning if the product has been radiated
  10. The warning “packaged in a protective atmoshphere” if the product is packaged using a packaging gas


                         The above is a guide only, for official information please refer to: