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A Leading Self Adhesive Label Supplier Into The UK’s NHS

NHS Labels


Since our inception the NHS has always been one of our biggest customers.

We supply all kinds of self adhesive labels to them, from labels that go onto blood transfusion bags to labels that stick onto urine sample test tubes.

Sometimes our labels have to withstand incredible extremes of use. Our labels may have to go through the sterilisation process used at the hospitals and still be perfectly stuck to whatever they were adhered to and any printing must still be clearly legible.



A well know children’s hospital in London purchased some hand held printers so that Doctors and Nurses could print labels on demand and on the go as they carried on their daily working life. The company they turned to for these very important labels was Labels Plus.



We had to come up with a label that would work through these special printers, that was also cost effective for the NHS but at the same time they had to be durable and able to do all that was required of them.

Customer Review

Labels Plus are our go to self adhesive label supplier. They have never let us down on deliveries and their pricing is superb.

Paul who look’s after our account is always helpful and always willing to go that extra mile for us.

A superb supplier to the NHS!

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