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Product Photo - Dome-Bubble Labels

There are many uses for dome labels due to their versatility as they are damage resistant and can grab attention by visual effect (see the examples shown in the above graphic).  They are ideal for situations where communicating a brand identity is vital such as computer and equipment labelling.  Dome labels are also well suited to outdoor applications such as automotive decals, where durability is all important. They can turn a generic product into a quality branded marketing tool.

Dome labels enable you to display your corporate logo in an eye-catching way. Whether it’s a short sales message, your sales telephone number or website details.

We can print your chosen design from 1 colour up to 4 colour process, to whatever custom dome label design you need and we can produce them from 4mm diameter up to 420mm x 900mm.

Our dome labels are made using a clear resin which when cured creates a glossy high-quality clear domed badge which is both hard wearing and scratch resistant. The clear dome on top creates a 3D effect of your design which makes dome labels tactile and visually striking and gives the perception of quality.  All of which are vital to enhancing your company’s profile.

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