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According to stress experts – An office dog is one of the ideal ways of beating stress at work.. our dogs certainly brighten up our office and make us smile…

My name is Lili and I’m a little rascal. I spend most of my day getting into mischief.

I love everybody and everybody loves me!!


I’m Ruby and I’m a little rascal too, but much more laid back than my sister Lili.

My hobbies are, sleeping, walking, eating & playing with my sisters Lili and Peggy, who I adore.

I know I’m gorgeous and a little bit shy, but I’m slowly warming to humans!


My name is Peggy. I’m now big sis to Lili and Ruby & have to keep them in check.

I’m only 7 but l think I’ve aged since Lili & Ruby joined the family, but I’m sooooo cute and love lots of attention and the odd treat!