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At LabelsPlus, we regularly champion the importance of an eye-catching label design for our customers  for products competing for attention in the commercial marketplace.  Now, a new study has gone further to illustrate the importance of the company logo.

It has been revealed that children as young as three, who cannot even read, can still recognise a wide variety of companies by looking at their logo. This shows how universal a logo can be, and how important it is to brand recognition.

A study was conducted on Australian pre-school children aged five and under to analyse whether they could associate companies with their branding logos. Incredibly, the results show that more often than not children knew just which logos corresponded to each brand.

From brands with plenty of kid-appeal, like Disney and McDonalds, to adult-focussed companies, like Toyota and Shell, young children could recognise a variety of businesses by their logo. But the big question is: can you?

We’ve put together a diverse list of globally recognised logos by some of the biggest brands in the world, along with some less than household names. Can you tell us which brands the logos represent? Let us know in the comments!


A company ‘s logo is often a major feature on an adhesive label, whether it’s a product label  or a packaging label.  Here at LabelsPlus we use the very latest, state-of-the-art printing processes to ensure that every label we produce comes with the added ‘wow’ factor of crisp, clear printed images.

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