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At Labels Plus, we take pride in delivering high-quality cake labels tailored for various types of cakes, elevating your packaging and seamlessly integrating your branding into every delicious creation.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that each cake stands out with a distinct identity. Our range of cake labels not only streamlines your operations but also serves as a canvas for your brand, displaying essential information about your delectable cakes. Trust Labels Plus to enhance your cake presentation, making every treat a standout experience for your customers.

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  • Adaptable Uses: Perfect for branding, cake labelling, and more.
  • Custom Craftsmanship: Committed to creating high-quality, personalised cake labels adapted to your individual demands.
  • Adaptable Formats: Select from sheets, rolls, or single cuts to precisely meet your unique needs.
  • Customised Label Sizes: You can customise any size and design to fit the unique cake packaging that you have.
  • Cost-effective: You will receive exceptional value for your cake label investment thanks to our competitive price.

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Types of Cake Labels

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Circle Labels

Our circle labels are designed for round cake packaging, providing an ideal space to showcase your branding and essential information. These labels add an aesthetic appeal for your cakes, ensuring each slice carries the essence of your brand.

cake labels

Roll Label

Optimise your cake packaging with our roll labels, designed for efficiency and work wonderfully with cupcakes. Streamline your operations as these labels effortlessly adorn your cakes, adding a professional touch to your presentation. With easy application and a seamless look, our roll labels bring both convenience and style to your sweet creations.

cake labels

Bespoke Label

Unleash your creativity with our customised labels, perfect for those seeking unique shapes for their cakes. Tailor the appearance of your sweet creations with distinct and personalised label shapes, ensuring your cakes stand out in a crowd. Elevate your baking experience and captivate your audience with one-of-a-kind designs that reflect your culinary artistry.

cake labels

Sheet Label

Maximise efficiency in your cake packaging with our sheet labels, which are usually better for square or rectangle shapes. Ideal for streamlining your labelling process, these sheet labels offer a convenient solution for adding a polished touch to your cakes. Enhance your presentation effortlessly and save time with these efficient and versatile labels, ensuring your cakes look their best.

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Custom Shapes Available

At Labels Plus, we are able to offer customisation for your cake labels. Perfect for individuals who want to defy tradition, consider a range of choices. Choose unique shapes, materials, sizes, colours, fonts, and finishes to highlight your brand, cake information, or eye-catching images, bringing your unique idea to life.

custom shapes available
cut costs / affordable


Discover our cost-effective cake labels at competitive prices, offering an ideal labelling solution for your sweet creations without compromising quality. Enhance your brand and elevate your product presentation today with Labels Plus at the right price!

versatile options

Versatile Options

Discover our versatile cake labels, designed to fit your unique needs perfectly. With various options, we ensure a tailored fit for every cake, allowing you to showcase your products with precision and a customised touch that aligns seamlessly with your unique branding.

fast turnaround / quick production

Quick Production

Reach out to us at Labels Plus for a quick quote and discover the possibilities for your cake labels. With a usual turnaround of approximately 3 days, we ensure prompt production. Let us provide high-quality cake labels customised to your needs promptly.

Our range of materials

  • Gloss White PP
  • Matt White PP
  • Gloss Clear
  • Matt Clear
  • Bright Silver PP
  • Semi Gloss Paper
  • Antique and Rustique Papers
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Our range of materials

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Chill Perm

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