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Make your beauty products stand out with stunning labels

Labels Plus is where beauty meets precision. In the world of cosmetics, first impressions matter immensely. Your packaging and labels should not only capture the essence of your products but also convey their quality and any USPs.

At Labels Plus, we specialise in creating labels that enhance the appeal of your beauty products. Whether you’re looking for labels for perfumes, makeup or accessories, we have the perfect solution.

cosmetic labels
  • Huge choice: Choose any shape, material and finish for the perfect label.
  • Customised: Any shape, any size, any design to suit your needs.
  • Colourful: Choose from 1 – 9 colours, printed with a 4-colour process.
  • Quality Stickers: Choose from different adhesives to suit your product needs.
  • Various types: Choose from roll labels, sheet labels or individually cut.
  • Multiple Placements: Edit your design and style for different placements, e.g. lid and bottle
cosmetic labels

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What to include on your beauty labels

logo and branding

Logo & Branding

Your beauty labels should prominently feature your brand logo and visual identity. Consistency in branding helps customers recognize and trust your products. Make sure your logo is clear, well-placed, and matches the overall aesthetics of your label design.



Transparency is crucial in the beauty industry. Include a comprehensive list of ingredients, following regulatory guidelines. Highlight any key ingredients that set your product apart or address specific skin concerns. Clear ingredient information helps customers make informed choices.

best before date

Best before date

For cosmetics with a shelf life, such as skincare or makeup products, it's essential to include a best-before date. This information ensures that customers know when to use the product before its effectiveness diminishes or expires. Compliance with these date markings is vital for consumer safety.



Include any necessary warnings or usage instructions relevant to your cosmetic product. This could include allergy alerts, storage instructions, or precautions for safe use. Accurate and visible warnings help ensure customer safety and satisfaction, building trust in your brand.

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Popular choices for cosmetic product labels

When it comes to popular label choices for cosmetics, the selection often depends on the packaging and intended use. For the body of the product, rectangular labels are a top choice, providing ample space for branding and essential information.

Products with lids often feature circular stickers on top for a complete look. For products that are likely to come into contact with water, we recommend our waterproof or plastic-style labels. We also recommend using permanent adhesive to ensure your labels stay pristine and intact even after contact with water. Choose the label style that best suits your cosmetic product’s needs and presentation.

beauty labels
Lid stickers

Circular Cosmetic Lid Stickers

Circular lid stickers are a popular choice for cosmetics with packaging that includes lids or caps. These stickers add a touch of elegance to your product's presentation by providing a polished and cohesive look. Companies commonly use these for lip balms, eye shadow palettes and skin care jars.

Information stickers

Rectangular information labels

For cosmetics that require detailed ingredient lists, usage instructions, or regulatory information, rectangular information stickers are the go-to option. These labels provide ample space for including all the necessary details while maintaining a clean and organised appearance.

Custom stickers for cosmetics

Custom beauty labels

When you want to make a statement and set your cosmetics apart from the competition, custom beauty stickers are the answer. Available in any desired shape or size, these fully represent your brand's unique vision. Custom labels are the perfect solution for perfume boxes and makeup products.

Finished to perfection

We have a range of over 11 materials and 7 adhesives to choose from. For cosmetic labels, we often recommend a waterproof, long-lasting solution. Add a touch of elegance with our range of foils and embossing to give your label a unique look and feel.

Pick the right material

  • Semi-gloss labels
  • Gloss labels
  • Recycled labels
  • Foil labels
  • Embossed labels
  • Waterproof labels
  • Low temp labels
  • Blockout labels
  • Filmic labels
Cosmetic labels cosmetic labels

Range of Adhesives

permanent icon


high-tack icon

Hi Tac

peelable adhesive

Peelable/Ultra Peelable

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