Custom Shape Labels

Plain & Custom Printed Custom Shape Labels

Shaping your brand’s identity with custom shape labels

Here at Labels Plus, we offer unique custom shape labels which can be printed plain or completely bespoke. These shapes are not limited to the traditional rectangular or circular designs, we believe that your label should be as unique as you and your product. 

With Labels Plus, we allow you the creative freedom to choose a custom shape, ensuring your label compliments the aesthetic of your brand and your brand’s identity. Whether you’re looking for promotional materials, product labels or a branded way to organise, we have the expertise to create the custom labels for you.

  • Bespoke labels: custom sizes and shapes to meet your unique requirements
  • Cost-effective: invest in labels that portray your brand’s identity at a competitive price
  • Efficiency: streamline labelling activities within the business with our easy to use labels
  • Fast turnaround: we are able to provide you with labels quickly to make sure you get them for when you need
  • Versatile: our labels are able to come in different formats, such as sheets, rolls and more
  • Quality: our labels are unrivalled with the use of our high-quality materials and professional equipment
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Uses for custom shape labels

cosmetic labels

Bespoke Cosmetic labels

Cosmetic products are usually all about the brand’s aesthetic and product design, as they need to be appealing to sell. This is why a custom shaped label could be the perfect opportunity to feature your brand’s identity and give your product a competitive edge.

medical labels

Bespoke Medical Labels

Containers come in all shapes and sizes, and we can make your product labels fit like a glove. No matter the shape or size needed, we create custom labels that are perfectly sized for any use. Get a bespoke label that's fit for purpose and represents your brand.

food labels

Bespoke Food labels

From artisanal cheese to specialty jarred sauces, you are able to make your food labels stand out whilst portraying your branding with our custom shaped labels. Convey key information about the products as well as a display of your brand in a unique way.

drink labels

Bespoke Drink labels

Custom shaped labels can be used for your drinks, such as beverage bottles including wine, craft beer, gin, whiskey or even just water bottles. This is a way to make a bottle a lot more visually appealing and showcasing your brand identity at the same time.

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Bespoke printing options

At Labels Plus, we are able to provide tailor-made label solutions and offer a diverse range of choices to help you craft your perfect custom shape label. Your label is able to truly represent your brand, individuality and product with various bespoke printing options. You have the liberty to select the label’s material, dimensions, colour palette, fonts and finishes to match and amplify your brand essence.


Brand identity

Our custom shape labels are designed with your brand identity in mind. They serve as a canvas for your unique story,allowing you to create labels that portray your brand’s visuals and capturing the essence of your product, building a strong brand identity.

versatile options


Break free from conventional rectangular or circular label designs and opt for our custom shape labels that offer complete versatility. With a huge range of creative options, you are able to find the perfect label to suit your unique product and brand.

eco friendly / sustainable

Sustainable options

Whilst going green, we have made sure to offer sustainable options for our labels. These options include biodegradable and compostable materials, ensuring that your labels not only reflect your brand's uniqueness but also contribute to a greener future.

Huge range of finishes

Explore a variety of finishes tailored for Custom Shape Labels, providing the flexibility to achieve your envisioned visual and tactile effects. Choose from options like matte and glossy finishes, and explore unique features such as embossing, foiling, or textured surfaces.

Whether you’re aiming for sophistication, vibrancy, or a distinctive touch, our selection of finishes is crafted to exceed your design expectations for Custom Shape Labels.

Our range of materials

  • Semi-gloss labels
  • Gloss labels
  • Recycled labels
  • Foil labels
  • Embossed labels
  • Waterproof labels
materials materials

Range of Adhesives

permanent icon

Permanent and Ultra Permanent

high-tack icon

Hi Tac

peelable adhesive

Peelable and Glass Peelable

chill icon

Chill Adhesive

freeze icon

Freezer Adheive

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