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Upgrade your glass jars with labels from Labels Plus, the experts in premium glass jar labels. Our labels highlight your brand and tell an enticing narrative on each jar, whether you opt for a personal touch or a simple design.

Our flexible options, carefully constructed with careful attention to detail, guarantee that every glass jar is unique. We offer a cohesive and visually appealing presentation that informs consumers about each jar’s contents, from the lid to the sides.

glass jar label
  • Customised Dimensions: Personalise any size and design to fit your unique glass jar requirements.
  • Adaptable Use: Perfect for all types of glass jar labelling, branding, and beyond.
  • Custom Craftsmanship: Dedicated to delivering high quality, personalised labels for your glass jars, designed to your specifications.
  • Flexible Formats: Opt for sheets, rolls, or individual cuts to perfectly match your distinct needs.
  • Budget-Friendly: Competitive prices for outstanding value on your investment.

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Types of Glass Jar labels

glass jar labels

Wrap Around Label

If you need a label that spans a larger surface on your glass jars, our wrap-around label is designed to meet your preferences. This label ensures visually striking jars from every angle and provides ample space for creative expression, giving you a lot of opportunity to express your branding as well as any important information.

glass jar labels

Lid Label

Discover our wide variety of glass jar lid labels, available in various shapes and sizes. To add style to your jar, consider going minimalistic or adding a personal touch with custom designs.

glass jar labels

Front Label

Select from personalised or clean designs to fit your style and highlight the individual contents of your jars. Custom shapes are a great way to show off your identity. We are able to provide high quality front labels to grab the customer’s attention when seeing your jar.

glass jar labels

Back Label

We also provide labels that are perfect for the back of your jar. These labels are a great way to highlight important information about the contents of your glass jar, such as any nutritional facts or interesting details.

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Custom shapes available

If you’re looking for something more personalised and bespoke, we are able to offer custom shapes for your glass jars to really express your branding. This involves custom shapes, dimensions, colours, fonts, materials and finishes which can help showcase your glass jars with elements such as your logo, nutritional information or anything else about the contents.


custom shapes available
eco friendly / sustainable

Eco-Friendly Options

For our customers who are more eco-conscious, we offer labels that are compostable to fit with your values and objectives. These can fit perfectly with your glass jars, and let you rest easy knowing you are going with a much more sustainable approach to high quality labelling solutions.

fast turnaround / quick production

Fast Turnaround

To discuss the possibilities and receive a quick price quote, get in touch with our staff. We can usually finish the creation and distribution of labels in only three working days, depending on your needs. Labels Plus is the best option if you’re looking for glass jar labels right when you need them.

cut costs / affordable


We are able to provide competitive prices on affordable glass jar labels, giving you the ideal labelling solution for your jars without sacrificing quality. Labels Plus may help you enhance your brand and product presentation right now at a great price!

Huge range of finishes

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Our range of materials

  • Semi gloss labels
  • Gloss labels
  • Recycled labels
  • Foil labels
  • Embossed labels
  • Waterproof labels
  • Blockout labels
  • Filmic labels
materials materials

All kinds of adhesives

chill icon

Chill adhesive

biodegradable icon

Bio degradable adhesive

permanent icon

Permanent adhesive

removable icon

Removable adhesive

high-tack icon

High tack adhesive

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