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At Labels Plus, we break away from conventional square or circular labels by providing unique shapes, including hexagon labels. These labels bring a distinct and unique touch to your personal or business labelling endeavours. You have the choice of plain hexagon labels for a timeless yet innovative look, or our custom-printed option to infuse your labels with your brand’s character, all carefully crafted with keen attention to detail.

Our hexagon labels offer exceptional versatility and an eye-catching aesthetic, making them the perfect option for elevating any event or product. We deliver high-quality, customisable labelling solutions that can be precisely tailored to your needs, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us to improve your business or products, label by label.

  • Personalised Touch: Choose your preferred shape, size, and design to add a unique touch.
  • Cost-Effective Choice: Our competitive prices offer excellent value that aligns with your budget.
  • Tailored Printing: We’re dedicated to providing high quality printing for your customised labels.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for a wide range of products, packaging, and branding needs.
  • Eco-friendly options: Go down the sustainable route by utilising our compostable and eco-friendly label range.

Why use Labels Plus?

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Uses for our hexagon labels

honey - hexagon labels

Honey Labels

Hexagon labels are ideal for honey jars, adding visual appeal and emphasising the natural, artisanal qualities of honey and the honeycomb shape. Their six-sided shape complements the product's uniqueness, making them an excellent choice for attracting consumers seeking quality and authenticity.

hexagon labels glass jar

Glass Jar Labels

Hexagon labels enhance the appeal of glass jar labels, adding a modern touch and making the jar's contents visually captivating. Their unique shape is an excellent fit for various products in glass containers, from honey and jams to candles and skincare items, creating an elegant and eye-catching presentation.

hexagon labels beer bottles

Beer Labels

Hexagon labels provide a fresh and distinctive look for beer labels, making your brews stand out on the shelf. The unique shape adds a touch of uniqueness and modernity to your beer packaging, making it an excellent choice for craft breweries and artisanal beer makers.

hexagon labels whiskey bottles

Whiskey Bottle Labels

Hexagon labels add elegance and distinction to whiskey bottle labels, making them an ideal choice for brands seeking a premium look and feel. Distilleries and whiskey producers can elevate their branding and convey a sense of quality with this unique shape.

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Customisation options

At Labels Plus, our hexagon labels can be completely personalised for your personal or professional needs. You can select the design, colour, and content that aligns with your brand or event, and we offer various sizes and formats at affordable prices.

These hexagon labels are crafted in different sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for your honey jars or whiskey bottles. You have the creative freedom to choose colours and fonts that match your brand’s identity, to really portray your business. With a range of finishes available, from glossy shine to matte appearance, our customisable hexagon labels are designed to make a lasting impact and leave a memorable impression.

Hexagon Sweet Label
eco friendly / sustainable

Sustainable Alternatives

Sustainability is a top priority at Labels Plus. Our hexagonal labels offer eco-friendly choices with recyclable materials, empowering you to endorse your brand responsibly and contribute to a greener world.

custom shapes available

Distinctive & Tailored

Elevate your product's visibility with our labels. Contact our team to explore how we can enhance your hexagonal labels. Experience unparalleled print quality – reach out today.

fast delivery

Speedy Delivery

Discuss your options with our team and receive an immediate price quote. In most cases, we can produce and deliver hexagonal labels within just 3 working days. When you need high-quality labels promptly, Labels Plus is your ideal choice.

Huge range of finishes

Discover a comprehensive range of finishes carefully crafted for Hexagon Labels, empowering you to achieve the exact visual and textural effect you have in mind. Choose from an array of options, including refined matte and glossy finishes, as well as unique touches such as embossing, foiling, or textured surfaces.

Whether you’re aiming for a touch of sophistication, vibrant energy, or an unmatched uniqueness, our selection of finishes are designed to not only meet but surpass your design expectations for Hexagon Labels.


Range of adhesives

gloss adhesive

Gloss Adhesive

chill icon

Chill Adhesive

biodegradable icon

Biodegradable Adhesive

removable icon

Removable Adhesive

permanent icon

Permanent Adhesive

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