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Blank and Custom Printed Square Labels

Tailored to your needs

Our range of square labels gives you the power to bring your unique vision to life. Our unparalleled customisation options give you the opportunity to create a truly unique label to represent your brand. You’re the visionary behind your brand, and we’ve got the power to create truly stunning labels to suit every need.

Square bottle labels
  • Custom label sizes available: Any shape, any size, any design – make it your own.
  • Quality bespoke printing: We only provide the highest quality labels.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for any product, packaging or branding
  • Cost-Effective: With our competitive prices, we ensure value for money.
  • Quick Turnaround: Our fast production ensures you get your labels when you need them.
  • Multiple Formats: Choose from sheet labels, roll labels or individually cut

Why use Labels Plus?

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https://labelsplus.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/Light-Blue-Service.png Outstanding Service
https://labelsplus.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/Light-Blue-Delivery.png Reliable Delivery
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Uses for our square labels

hazchem labels

HazChem Labels

When safety and compliance are paramount, our square labels are the ideal choice for HazChem labelling. Clearly communicate critical information in an easy-to-read format, printed on our durable materials. Our labels are suitable for chemical containers, maintaining safety standards.

candle labels

Candle Labels

Elevate your candle packaging with our Square Labels. Whether it's glass or tin, we can help you choose the right solution to withstand the heat. With a heap of customisation features, you can capture the candle's unique scent and reflect it in the design.

beauty labels

Beauty Labels

Square Labels are a perfect fit for the beauty industry. Create labels that enhance the aesthetics of your cosmetic products, from skincare to makeup. With our customisation features, capture the essence of your beauty products, and make them stand out on the shelves.

nhs labels

NHS Labels

In healthcare, precision and clarity are essential. We provide square NHS Labels that meet the stringent labelling requirements. Ensure vital information on medications, medical equipment, and patient records is easy to read and digest.

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Customisation options for square labels

At Labels Plus, customisation is the cornerstone of our approach. We believe in empowering you to create square labels that are truly one-of-a-kind. With a diverse range of options, you have the creative freedom to effectively reflect your brand.

With Labels Plus, your custom Square Labels will not only meet but exceed your expectations in design, quality, and functionality. We take pride in ensuring that every aspect of your label reflects the essence of your brand with precision and style.

TFN SBC Oil - square and rectangle labels

Completely personalised

With Square Labels from Labels Plus, personalisation takes centre stage. Our team ensures that every detail aligns with your brand, from materials and dimensions to colours and finishes. Your labels are a canvas for your vision, and we're here to bring your ideas to life with precision and style.

Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly options

We're committed to sustainability. Choose from our range of environmentally friendly label materials, and make an eco-conscious effort to make your labels green. We offer choices that minimise environmental impact without compromising on the quality or aesthetics.

Production and delivery

Reliable Production & Delivery

When you need high-quality square labels within a tight timeframe, Labels Plus delivers. Get in touch with our team, discuss your options, and receive an instant quote. Depending on your requirements, we can typically produce and deliver labels within 3 working days.

Extensive Range of Finishes

When it comes to Square Labels, our collection of finishes offers a world of creative possibilities. We understand that every label should have its unique character, and that’s why our selection goes beyond the ordinary.

From gloss to matte, and heaps of additional design features such as foils and embossing. Explore the boundless potential of Square Labels at Labels Plus and elevate your branding to new heights.

Our range of materials

  • Semi gloss paper
  • Matte paper
  • Thermal transfer paper
  • Direct thermal paper
  • Gloss and Matte PP & PE
  • Antique and wine stock papers
  • Biodegradable range
  • Bright silver PP
  • Piggy back papers
  • Gloss and Matte clear
Bespoke label finishes adhesives

Our range of adhesives

high-tack icon

Hi Tac Adhesive

peelable adhesive

Peelable and Glass Peelable Adhesive

permanent icon

Permanent and Ultra Perm Adhesive

chill icon

Chill Adhesive

freeze icon

Freezer Adhesive

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