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Securely Pack Your Product with Branded Tape

Keeping Your Packages Secure

Our bespoke packing tape is where security and branding unite. In the realm of packaging, the first impression matters just as much as the integrity of the contents. Our bespoke packing tape serves as a dual-purpose solution, ensuring the security of your products whilst maintaining your brand identity.

Whether you’re sealing boxes, envelopes, or packages, our branded tape enhances the packaging experience. Bring your product packaging to life with a new level of security and professionalism.

custom printed packaging tape

Roll Labels: Our packing tape comes in convenient rolls, making it easy to apply to your packaging.

Up to 4 Colors: You can add up to four colours to your packing tape, allowing for vibrant and eye-catching branding and messaging.

Versatile Sizes: We offer packing tape in different lengths, widths, and strengths, so you can choose the perfect fit for your packaging requirements.

Self-Adhesive: Our packing tape features a self-adhesive backing, making it quick and easy to use. This allows you to secure your packages efficiently and securely.

Custom or Standard Messaging: We offer packing tape with common messages such as “glass”, “handle with care” or “fragile” for general use. Alternatively, we can offer fully customised packing tape to represent your brand.

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Types of packing tape

handle with care packaging tape

Handle with Care

Packing tape labelled "Handle with Care" is ideal for ensuring delicate or fragile items are treated with caution during shipping. This tape serves as a visual reminder to all who come into contact with your package to exercise care and gentleness.

fragile packaging tape


For items that require special care due to their fragility, "Fragile" packing tape is a go-to choice. It communicates the need for gentle handling and extra precautions when transporting delicate or breakable goods.

custom packaging tape

Bespoke Branded Tape

Take your packaging to the next level with bespoke branded tape. Bespoke packaging tape adds a professional and memorable touch to your packages, leaving a lasting impression on your customers.

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Custom packaging tapes

Custom packaging tapes offer a versatile and cost-effective way to advertise your business. You can build your brand and convey important messages in a simple and effective way. Beyond their primary role of securing packages, bespoke tapes are a powerful tool for promoting your brand image.

With the ability to feature your brand logo, message or design, you add a memorable touch to your packages. Custom packaging tapes are a valuable and inexpensive type of promotion. Strengthen customer trust and loyalty by elevating your packaging.

custom packaging tape

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