Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Labels Conforming To EN13432

Environmentally friendly packaging is growing in importance within the current climate. Research suggests that over one third of consumers prefer to buy from brands which they believe are truly sustainable or environmentally friendly – and this number is increasing.

With that in mind, it’s important for businesses to remember that if they’re choosing to use environmentally friendly packaging for their products, the label itself shouldn’t be overlooked.

Until recently, sourcing and using fully Biodegradable Label products were out of reach for some businesses due to cost and production run restrictions. However, thanks to LabelsPlus and our ability to supply smaller production runs as well as medium and large volumes of fully Biodegradable Labels, this new ‘green’ option is more widely available to a broader spectrum of companies, retailers and producers for the first time.

How are Biodegradable Labels made?

Created from linen, hemp and 95% sugar cane bi-product fibres, the labels can be made without the need for wood-based fibres usually utilised to produce most papers. This sustainable solution also uses less raw material, less energy and less waste.  The end result is a high quality label with good brightness and a smooth surface which can be used for a diverse range of labelling requirements.

So, why use Biodegradable Labels?

– Eco-Friendly – Of course, the main benefit of using biodegradable and compostable labels is their minimal impact on the environment

– Reduced waste – Materials that would once be waste can now be used to form the raw material for paper

– Less deforestation – By recycling waste sugar cane bi-products to make paper, the need to fell trees has been reduced

– Consumer choice – With more consumers consciously choosing environmentally friendly brands, it’s more important than ever to invest in eco-friendly products

– A quality product – Biodegrades to EN 13432 standards


Why choose LabelsPlus for your Biodegradable Labels?

Here at LabelsPlus, our Biodegradable Labels are ideal for a variety of labelling requirements, especially where the complete packaging must be biodegradable and compostable. LabelsPlus offers bespoke Biodegradable Labelling solutions; with over 20 years’ experience supplying labels across a range of industries and products.

LabelsPlus are leading the way in the UK with environmentally friendly labelling, here’s why:

– We provide high quality labels using the latest technology and high quality inks

– Our biodegradable adhesive is also suitable for direct and indirect contact with dry foodstuffs

– Biodegradable Labels can be supplied on rolls or as sheets

– We can print up to nine colours on Biodegradable Labels

– We have over 5000 cutters readily available in stock to help reduce costs

– We offer bespoke Biodegradable Label solutions depending on your individual needs

– LabelsPlus are committed to providing quality service, quick turnaround and cost effective prices

If you would like a sample of our Biodegradable Labels, or for further advice on any of our labelling solutions, call our expert and friendly team on 01663 736250