LabelsPlus Supplies Copper & Cane

As a self adhesive label supplier you can imagine the vast array of labels we produce that go onto a wide variety of weird and wonderful products….  but once in a while we are asked to produce labels for a product that really gets the taste buds and imagination going!

In this instance it is a product which is synonymous with bonfires, movies and children…….  The humble Marshmallow but with a different “Grown Up Guise”.

Hazel Wright the founder of Copper & Cane  who make these amazing products, worked long and hard to produce the perfect Marshmallow that come in a wide variety of flavours, from Toffee Apple, Spiced Wild Cranberry, Chocolate and Pumpkin Spice to name just a few.

To compliment these products and enhance the packaging and design a front and back label has been created by LabelsPlus with a matt varnish. We believe that the food labels set off the look of the “Natural Delight” product in all of its wonderfully tasty glory.’