New Products added to our A4 Sheet & Speciality range

We are delighted to announce that new sizes have been added to our stock A4 sheet range together with 4 new products on the A4 sheet speciality material range – that’s 4 new sizes in total! 3 of which are square labels measuring 25mm, 37mm and 51mm, the 4th is new size 25.4mm x 10mm, (reference code LL189).

These new sizes are also available in all our speciality materials, which has now grown to an impressive 47 different material types available in all 55 sizes.

New to the Speciality Material range are 4 new grades:-

Brown Ribbed Kraft, (BRK) suitable for Laser, Copier & Ink-Jet printing.  This has a rustic charm which already sees it’s use well established in the wine labelling industry and other traditional Wholefood & Organic food markets. Not so well known is it’s ability to quickly bio-degrade and is compostable to International standards.

Windowcling Transparent Polyester (WTP) suitable for Laser & Copier printing. This material was designed to be used as signage on smooth surfaces where clean, easy removability is required.

We have a whole new security category and these products are now widely seen on high value items, such as mobile phones, car spares, jewellery etc. We supply them in sheet form for printing on Laser & Copier machines.

White Ultra Destructible (UD) suitable for Laser & Copier. Within a few moments of being applied, any attempt to remove this product will result in it coming away in the tiniest of little pieces, making the attempt both obvious and useless.

Silver Void Polyester (SVP) suitable for Laser & Copier.  Already a popular solution for thermal transfer printing, but we bring you this as a Laser version.  Once applied, if the label is removed it will reveal the word “VOID” and cannot be reapplied, again making any attempt obvious for all to see.

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