Charities We Support

LabelsPlus Support Local Charity – Blythe House

  LabelsPlus has always taken its social responsibilities seriously. Since inception we have a proud tradition of supporting all kinds of charities be they multinational, national or local. Our latest donation was to a very worthwhile local charity called Blythe House. Our contribution will be used entirely for the services provided by Blythe House for…
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19th November 2013 - Charities We Support

LabelsPlus Support Peace One Day

We at LabelsPlus are proud of the fact that we are always willing to support what we consider to be worthwhile charities. Over the years we have helped numerous charities both nationally and locally. We are especially happy to work with the smaller independent local charities that may not get the coverage that the more…
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3rd October 2013 - Charities We Support