Interesting Facts

Very Interesting!!!

At LabelsPlus we are very interested in facts and trivia so we thought we’d share some with you, so DID YOU KNOW THAT. ……………… It takes glass one million years to decompose, which means it never wears out and can be recycled an infinite amount of times. Drinking water after eating reduces the acid in your…
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17th March 2014 - Interesting Facts

Ye Olde Sayings

Every wondered where some sayings that we use in every conversation come from?  We at LabelsPlus seem to use them quite a lot, so we investigated further and thought we’d share our findings with you. Bite the Bullet Meaning: Accepting something difficult or unpleasant History: There was no time to administer anesthesia before emergency surgery…
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25th February 2014 - Interesting Facts

The Walt Disney Company is 90 years old

The Walt Disney Company has just turned 90 years old, and coincidentally we at LabelsPlus have produced labels for Tomato Source, which include images of some well known Disney characters along with some new characters, which some of us of a certain age, will not be too familiar with!!!!  Do you recognise all the characters…
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7th November 2013 - Interesting Facts