Label Tips – Removal etc

Importance of Labels in Brand Visibility

Effective labelling is a must in the competitive modern marketplace. It doesn’t matter how good your products are, you will struggle to sell them if they don’t stand out on the shelf. One of the important functions that labels serve is to enhance brand visibility. To help ensure that your labels look the part, it’s…
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4th March 2015 - Label Tips - Removal etc

Remove Stubborn Sticky Labels

Supplying sticky labels with a good strong adhesive is where we excel… However, there are times when you need a label to come off whatever you’ve stuck it to. This can be tricky, especially if the adhesives are as strong and aggressive as our permanent ones are. If this ever happens, there are a few…
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25th September 2014 - Label Tips - Removal etc

Understanding Wine Labels

Knowing a little about the sort of wine that you’re looking for, and the ways that those winemakers communicate with their customers, will help you to find the right vintage for you; and ensure that there aren’t any unwanted surprises once you pop the cork. Here at LabelsPlus we often find it confusing picking the…
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13th January 2014 - Label Tips - Removal etc