Labelling Regulations

Is Biodegradability The Future Of Labelling

In an ever more environmentally aware world, the need for some businesses to enhance their “environmental credentials” is getting increasingly important to them. To be seen to be doing something proactive for the world we live in, is now, for some companies becoming a big priority. And LabelsPlus applauds this! However it’s impossible for all…
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11th September 2019 - Clientele

Our Biodegradable Sugarcane Labels

    Here at LabelsPlus our Sugarcane waste based biodegradable label material is the most popular material we use for our biodegradable labeling. All we do is add a bit of Hemp to the Sugarcane waste and we have this high quality and environmentally friendly label material Our Biodegradable labels are certified to EN13432 which is the…
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11th July 2019 - Clientele

Food Labelling & Coeliac Disease

Food labelling regulations will help coeliac disease sufferers manage their condition better. The new EU regulation sets new standards in the way allergens are presented on existing legislation on the labels of pre-packed food, so information is less ambiguous making choices far clearer and safer. Coeliac disease is not an allergy, but is caused by…
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24th January 2015 - Labelling Regulations

Allergen Rules: Food Labels

Update on our blog published in April 2014 Are you a food producer? If so, did you know that on the 13th December 2014, new labelling legislation rules came into force.  These rules basically mean that any food that is pre-packed, sold loose or served when eating out, must list all of the 14 main…
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15th January 2015 - Labelling Regulations

Organic Food Labels

Are the food labels on your products unintentionally misleading your customers? Depending on the wording you choose to describe your products, there is a very good chance they could be. We’re talking specifically about the difference between organic food labels and natural’. Over recent years, the food industry has shifted toward healthy eating messages and…
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4th April 2014 - Labelling Regulations

The All New Warning Labels that Chemical Companies & Customers Need to Know

Do your chemical labels and bottle labels feature the latest brand new warning and hazard symbols? If the answer is no your company could be failing to meet the requirements laid out by a new law which was recently introduced to govern chemical classification and labeling. Chemical labels and packaging are extremely important for identifying…
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17th March 2014 - Labelling Regulations