Is Biodegradability The Future Of Labelling

In an ever more environmentally aware world, the need for some businesses to enhance their “environmental credentials” is getting increasingly important to them. To be seen to be doing something proactive for the world we live in, is now, for some companies becoming a big priority. And LabelsPlus applauds this! However it’s impossible for all…
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11th September 2019 - Clientele

What A Truly Superb Team We Are Fortunate To Have

As a company we are so fortunate to have the quality of staff that we have. As the old cliche goes “there is no I in team” As soon as it became apparent that our Whaley Bridge office would have to be evacuated for the duration of the incident at Toddbrook Reservoir all our staff…
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14th August 2019 - News

Thank You For Saving Toddbrook Dam

As one of our offices is in Whaley Bridge, the team here at LabelsPlus would like to thank everybody who was involved in saving Toddbrook Reservoir from collapsing. Your hard work and bravery no doubt averted a major disaster to our village We cannot praise you highly enough All the emergency services, our military…
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12th August 2019 - LabelsPlus News

“One Stop Shop” for Biodegradable & Non Biodegradable Labels

LabelsPlus continues to lead the way in biodegradable and non biodegradable labeling. Not only are we one of the UK’s largest suppliers of printed roll labels using biodegradable material but we are also leading the way in supplying A4 sheets produced using biodegradable material Our biodegradable A4 sheets are suitable for use through both Laser…
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30th July 2019 - News

Biodegradable & Recyclable Labels (Including A4 Sheets)

There is a huge difference between biodegradable labels and recyclable labels. Quite often we get calls from our customers (and potential new ones) asking for biodegradable labels when they really need recyclable labels (and vice versa) Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will always point you in the right direction towards which of our product’s is…
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16th July 2019 - Label Types

Our Biodegradable Sugarcane Labels

    Here at LabelsPlus our Sugarcane waste based biodegradable label material is the most popular material we use for our biodegradable labeling. All we do is add a bit of Hemp to the Sugarcane waste and we have this high quality and environmentally friendly label material Our Biodegradable labels are certified to EN13432 which is the…
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11th July 2019 - Clientele

Biodegradable Labels Supplied To Bali

Emmie one of our senior account handlers, has just shipped a biodegradable label order to one of her customers in Bali Biodegradable and Compostable Labels She claims that her customer requires a visit from her to discuss other labeling requirements Yes of course Emmie. Lets get your flights booked. Is 2 weeks long enough for…
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2nd July 2019 - Clientele

New Product Alert: Biodegradable & Compostable Clear Bags

Our environment and the detrimental impact the human race is having on it has always been a concern here at LabelsPlus. That’s why we’re very proud to announce a brand new environmentally friendly product that we can now offer:- Fully Biodegradable & Compostable Clear Bags       Our range of biodegradable clear crimped bottom…
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20th June 2019 - Clientele

We Love Getting Feedback From Our Happy Customers

Hi Abbie Just wanted to say thanks, my labels came yesterday and they look amazing.  Very happy 😁 Kindest regards    Adam  ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————– Hi Emmie and Paul, I’ve received the labels and I’m really happy with the product. I just wanted to say thank you for your help with the order. I think I explained…
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29th May 2019 - Clientele

Handy Tips

Should I Varnish or Laminate my Labels? Varnish is a thin coating of clear silicon placed over the top of the printed label to seal the label. A varnish will prevent scuffing and smudging and will also enhance the appearance of the label by giving it a more polished, professional look. A varnish will also…
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30th April 2019 - Label Types