Is Biodegradability The Future Of Labelling

In an ever more environmentally aware world, the need for some businesses to enhance their “environmental credentials” is getting increasingly important to them. To be seen to be doing something proactive for the world we live in, is now, for some companies becoming a big priority.

And LabelsPlus applauds this!

However it’s impossible for all companies to use biodegradable labels. Some chemical manufacturers may need their labels to conform to BS5609 approved standards. This is the 3 months saltwater submersion test. Explained very simply this standard is where labels stuck on a drum or container containing hazardous chemicals must still be stuck to the product 3 months later, if during transportation they were to fall into the sea.

We supply large amounts of these BS5609 approved labels within the UK.

Other companies that have to bottle liquid, or where products are stored in damp conditions cannot use biodegradable labels as any damp actually kick starts the biodegration process.

Currently the vast majority of biodegradable label users are to be found within the dry goods, dry packed food and service industries.


As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of all kinds of biodegradable labels, if there is a solution to your requirements, then we will find it.

We can now even supply clear biodegradable labels, A4 sheeted biodegradable labels (available in all our stock sizes. See the link below) so that you can print them on your own laser printer.

For businesses using thermal transfer printers we now have a product for you that is biodegradable.

So in answer to the question in our header, and in our view, biodegradable labelling will continue to increase (which is good) but for some businesses it will never replace the labels they currently use.

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