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NHS Labels

Little labels for a big job

Adhesive labels communicate and provide traceability for important information about patients, equipment and drugs in a range of environments. They also facilitate significant efficiencies by enabling process automation.

So it’s critical to work with a label supplier who cares as much as you do.

Our Medical History

More than 30 NHS trusts throughout the UK depend on Labels Plus to meet their label requirements because…

We have extensive NHS-specific knowledge and experience

More than 20 years’ working with the NHS means we have the knowledge, experience and product range to quickly and confidently meet your needs.

We supply the right label for the job

We understand the implications of the range of environments labels can be used in, enabling us to supply the right label, using the right materials, for any application. For example:

Hospital pharmacies: direct thermal top coated labels ensure information won’t fade or degrade over time while using peelable adhesives ensures drugs can easily be re-labelled or returned to stock.
Sterile services: the labels for sterile packs must be both latex free and able to withstand the steam sterilisation process.
Pathology: the pre-printed, sequential barcoded labels used to identify patient samples must be of premium quality for accurate scanning.

We’re responsive

We deliver outstanding customer care every day but we’ll also go the extra mile to help meet your urgent or last minute requests.


We care because you care

What happened?

One of our NHS customers ran out of labels three days before Christmas.

What we did:

We produced the labels immediately and arranged for a same day delivery to ensure they could provide critical services over the Christmas period.

We plan for your needs

We stock many NHS specific labels and thermal transfer ribbons ready for next day delivery to NHS departments around the UK. Same day delivery can also be arranged when required.

Our Products


  • Pharmacy Labels
  • A4 Labels
  • Xylene Resistant Labels
  • Slide Labels
  • Sterile Services Traceability Labels
  • Sequentially Printed Barcode Labels
  • Plain Barcode Labels
  • Thermal Ribbons
  • Blood Bag Labels
  • Fanfolded Labels


  • Mount Sheets
  • A&E Sets
  • Breast Screening Mailers
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