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Caws Cenarth  maker of Caerfilli require bespoke labels to suit their brand.

The labels are expertly supplied by us on semi gloss white paper, using varnish and an innovative flexographic press.

Founded by Gwynfor and Thelma Adams in 1987, Caws Cenarth remains a family run business, based out of their farm, Glyneithinog, based within the idyllic and flourishing valley of the river Cych.

The family calls upon a six generation tradition of expert cheesemaking; to produce creamy, fresh flavoured Caerfilli. Since its inception the Caws Cenarth brand has earned a fantastic reputation for the quality of its cheese, and continues to explore new recipes to produce delicious new Caerfilli cheese.

In addition to their acclaimed plain Caerfilli, Caws Cenarth produce Garlic and Herb Caerfilli and Smoked Caerfill. Since then, the brand has also introduced other cheeses, such as the creamy blue Perl Las, Brie-like Perl Wen and the washed-rind Golden Cenarth. This exceptional cheese has won a number of prestigious awards, including top prize of Supreme Champion at the British Cheese Awards 2012.

Caws Cenarth is sold to some of the UK’s finest shops and served in some of our finest eateries.  The company has also enhanced its reputation by the introduction of the unique Caws Cenarth Cheese Wedding Cake. Caws Cenarth specialise in making wedding days a little bit different; they know that each bride and groom will want something different and they can create something personal and special  as an alternative to a traditional wedding cake and a tasty one at that.

We create bespoke self adhesive labels for Caws Cenarth products, in addition to foods and food-packages for many other brands around the UK.

Food labels are a valuable marketing tools for large and small food brands around the world, and they promote the image of the brand in addition to the product. They’re important, and so it’s important to get them right.

We have years of experience in labelling for the food industry and offer the very latest high tech printing processes to ensure that all product labels stand out and speak volumes about each brand.

We can produce labels in any size or shape for hand or machine application and for use on all food packages. With a diverse client base of large and small companies, LabelsPlus can cater to any food company.

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