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One of the pleasures of working closely with our clients is seeing their businesses develop and thrive.  A key objective for us when working with those clients is identifying the opportunities and technologies to drive that growth through their labelling.

Labelling can be seen as a necessary ‘extra’ to a finished product but we see labelling as part of a partnership with our clients and their products. Identifying the right labelling solution early on in a product development or production process can increase efficiency, provide flexibility and enable a product to be highly responsive to market need.

Our digital labelling solution in particular can have a direct and positive impact on a production process because it offers:

  • Cost effect way of producing shorter runs and ideal where multi-colour labels or when a variety of designs are required
  • High quality print
  • Fast lead times
  • No plate charges
  • Laminated or varnished finishes
  • Produced on most papers, synthetics and biodegradable materials
  • A choice of over 3,000 cutters
  • Any shape and any size

Digital labels are responsive to the changing demands of a business and can play a significant role in product development.  You could say they’re the ‘worker bee’ of labels which is why, and with our 20 + years of experience in the business, we knew they were the optimum solution for one of our artisan food producer clients Hive and Keeper.  

Hive & Keeper supports British beekeepers by promoting, packaging and selling their unique honeys throughout the UK. Owner Emily Abbott only buys honey from beekeepers she’s visited personally which means she can guarantee the highest standards of bee welfare for every jar of honey she sells.

Those personal and artisan credentials are ‘front and centre’ in her marketing and labelling.  Each Hive and Keeper jar is labelled with four pieces of information unique to the hive, unique to the keeper – origin, producer, best before date and all important, flavour.  Emily had been adding this personalisation herself… by hand.


Understanding that the bespoke ethos was central to the brand but was impacting on production we developed a digital labelling solution. Translating Emily’s handwritten list of hives and keepers into digital compatible formats in our studio we’ve developed a process where she can digitally create any combination of information at the touch of a button.

Emily has achieved a time saving equivalent to 1 full time labelling person and the process has become 3 times more efficient. In addition:

  • Product originality and authenticity maintained using Emily’s handwriting
  • Overall product appearance improved giving it more impact on the shelf
  • Tamper-proof lollipop label for added product safety

And that’s the benefit of a digital labelling solution – its agility drives growth, the expansive range and variety available enhances products and its flexibility enables a business to look to the future and be responsive.

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