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Should I Varnish or Laminate my Labels?

Varnish is a thin coating of clear silicon placed over the top of the printed label to seal the label. A varnish will prevent scuffing and smudging and will also enhance the appearance of the label by giving it a more polished, professional look. A varnish will also help give the printed surface a smooth, consistent texture. Varnishes can be gloss, matt or satin in appearance.

Laminate is a thin layer of clear film adhered to the surface of the printed label, giving an extra plastic barrier for added protection to the label. Laminate also protects against scuffing and smudging, and will prevent printing inks from smearing due to spillages. Laminates can be gloss, matt or a special UV outdoor gloss laminate which gives added protection from the sun for up to 2 years.


Why use Peelable instead of Permanent Adhesive

Peelable Adhesive has the ability to adhere to the surface material but allows the label to be removed without leaving any residue behind.

Permanent Adhesive creates a permanent bond between the label and the surface it’s adhered to. The degree of permanence is determined by the adhesive, face material, surface application and the environment. There are also specialist adhesives available for hazardous chemical transportation (BS5609 approved) freezer, moisture and also hot and cold temperatures, etc, etc.