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LabelsPlus is pleased to have been asked by Mike from Strike Right to help develop the material for their innovative golfing aid – now marketed as Strike Right Target Tape.

When placed on the centre of any club, right and left handed, (excluding putters) the special material records the impact point of the golf ball, uniquely allowing the golfer to review the positioning of the club head in order to improve their game.

Each self-adhesive target label has a printed sweet spot to be used as reference to assess the connection and are very easy to use.

Strike Right’s instructions are simple:-

Ensure the club head is clean and dry before application, place the Strike Right Target Tape to the centre of club face. Strike the ball as normal, (making sure to use clean dry golf balls) then analyse your strike and correct where necessary.  Hit 3 or 4 shots to see your consistency level. 80% of good shots are hit from the centre of the golf club.

To remove the Strike Right Target Tape just peel one side slowly and carefully to avoid ripping.

Check on the link below for the Target Tape review