Mad Hatter Brewery Chooses Digitally Printed Bottle Labels

The North West’s Mad Hatter Brewery Company is the latest small business to choose LabelsPlus as their provider of digitally printed bottle labels; as the UK microbrewery business continues to thrive.

We boast an innovative new digital press which allows us to take advantage of the increasing need for short run labels from UK brewers.

In a recent article in Print Business Magazine, consumer organisation CAMRA claimed that more than 180 new breweries had been launched in the last year. Amongst them are pop icons, Madness, who created their own beer, Gladness, in partnership with Growler Brewery.

Brewed as an ale, but with lager hops, Gladness falls somewhere between the two, since half of the band are said to prefer ale, while the others lager. It is an example of the freedom and creativity afforded to micro brewing industry. But one of the most interesting consequences of the brewery boom is the subsequent rise in short run label printing projects.

Formed in February 2013, the Mad Hatter Brewery Company has gone from strength to strength thanks to the popularity of their unique beers and tongue-in-cheek sensibility. The company is dedicated to creating new and unusual beers and the company has a unique and vibrant style.

Often microbreweries with little or no marketing budget, or existing brand awareness, rely upon the quality and the content of their labels to be successful.  We supplied Mad Hatter Brewery with a range of high quality labels, in rich and unusual colours, with crisp, fine detailing.

The labels we manufactured include the Penny Lane pale ale bottle label and the Red Rum bottle label (as included in this blog).

Mark at LabelsPlus, said: “The reaction to our first labels for Mad Hatter has been extremely positive and we look forward to working with them in the future; not least because we’re fans of their brilliant beer.  We use the very latest digital printing technology to create our self adhesive bottle labels, it is possible to produce short runs of high quality labels in little time and with relatively little expense.  Often, when a microbrewery is starting out, it makes sense to produce a limited run of the product to gauge the public’s opinion. We at LabelsPlus can supply an initial run of labels to extremely high standards and also have the capacity to print much larger runs of labels in the future, should the brewery prove to be a success.”

Please give us a call to discuss your labelling requirements – we’d love to hear from you.