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Are the food labels on your products unintentionally misleading your customers? Depending on the wording you choose to describe your products, there is a very good chance they could be. We’re talking specifically about the difference between organic food labels and natural’. Over recent years, the food industry has shifted toward healthy eating messages and also towards organic produce.

At first glance the terms might appear to mean the same thing, but the truth is that when it comes to food labelling terms, the situation is a little more complicated.

Problems begin when a particular product is ‘Not organic’. In a recent article on Yahoo, ABC News in America highlighted the trend for food brands using the term ‘natural’, despite the fact that the word carries no definitive meaning in the food industry and does not mean the same as the word ‘organic’.

All over the world, including here in the UK, the word ‘organic’ is strictly regulated and permission is only granted to use the term if a number of criteria are met. Organic describes foods which are produced under approved methods, free from synthetic fertilizers.

By contrast, natural has no recognised definition and food businesses which use the word natural, on their food labels and packaging, don’t have to prove that the food or drink is made from 100% natural ingredients. In truth, these products can contain many non-natural ingredients and artificial sweeteners. Upon closer inspection some companies’ products contain as little as 1 or 2% of natural produce.

As explained organic and natural do not mean the same in food packaging terms.

As consumers become more health conscious, brands have opted to illustrate their pure or healthy qualities. What’s more, as the media shone a light on the dangers of synthetic fertilisers and artificial ingredients, businesses have been keen to promote their organic value.

Here at LabelsPlus, we have years of experience of working with food companies of every size, from home based businesses to international food and drink brands. Over that time, we have printed a wide variety of food labels and adhesive packaging labels which feature a wide variety of information, from branding logos and marketing messages to the science of what the product contains.

We at LabelsPlus manufacture food labels in any shape and size, for hand or machine application and for use on all types of food packages and packaging. Our print runs vary enormously from client to client.  We have the machinery in place to supply small or large companies competitively.

Depending on the quantities or number of sorts required, we can print your on roll labels either digitally (ideal for smaller volume multi sort runs) or flexographically (ideal for the larger volume runs). Using these printing processes enables us to print competitively from 1 colour right up to 9, including 4 colour process. For that added protection or to enhance the finish of your labels, we can also varnish or laminate your labels.

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