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Sweetpea Pantry makes nutritious bake-at-home mixes for you to have as a pantry back-up for getting kids in the kitchen. With 4 products currently available: Ginger Giggles, Super Oat Cookies, Playful Pizza Dough and Grainy Brainy Pancakes, you need never be stuck for activities to do with your children again (and you can feel a glow for getting some real goodness in there too). super oat cookies

They know what it is like… children need constant food, lots of activity, attention spans are short, and there seems to be a never-ending run of birthdays (argh another gift!) and playdates (eekk what to do this time!).

Sweetpea Pantry are two busy parents who decided that we could all do with a little help sometimes… to save time by having delicious recipes mixed and ready to go, save buying packets of ingredients that sit untouched in the cupboard, and help educate kids about good food and the enjoyment of easy baking

pizzaThey are your pantry. Sweetpea Pantry wanted to use wholesome ingredients that you may not naturally have in the cupboard (like quinoa, flaxseed, amaranthand rye flour), and make it easy for you to bake treats that offer some goodness. For the baking mixes, all dry ingredients are included, you just need to add butter, eggs or milk – each recipe differs – and you have your own masterpiece created by you (with a little help but you don’t have to admit that to anyone!).

As most food labels are bespoke, we understand you’ll need to talk through your options with us before going to print, so that’s why our professional team is ready to assist with all your adhesive food labelling projects. For further information on our product range call us on 01663 736 250 to discuss your labelling requirements further.