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Do your chemical labels and bottle labels feature the latest brand new warning and hazard symbols? If the answer is no your company could be failing to meet the requirements laid out by a new law which was recently introduced to govern chemical classification and labeling.

Chemical labels and packaging are extremely important for identifying dangerous chemicals, identifying the hazards and ways to avoid them. For customers and chemical users, warning labels are a safeguard which could keep them safe from harm. For chemical companies they are a legal obligation and the source of a potentially costly legal proceeding if the rules on chemical labels aren’t followed.

The majority of people will have seen at least some of the old CHIP warning symbols, which were used to inform people that chemicals were hazardous for a variety of reasons. The Chemicals (Hazard Information and Packaging for Supply) Regulations, or simply CHIP, helped to protect people and the environment from ill effects caused by chemicals.

CHIP symbols warned that chemicals were explosive, corrosive, flammable or harmful to the environment in other ways.


Now, a series of updated pictograms have replaced these images. The all new CLP symbols feature decidedly similar images but their presentation is considerably different. New shapes and colours have been introduced to ensure maximum visibility and guarantee that warning labels are noticed by the right people.

The European Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 on classification, labeling and packaging of substances and mixtures, or the CLP regulation for short, has been in effect for a number of years, but it could be possible that some chemical companies continue to use outdated labeling on chemical bottles.


With the changeover, one of the most common hazard labels was replaced entirely. The ‘X’ symbol meaning harmful was replaced by the exclamation mark. In addition two entirely new symbols were introduced. The first, featuring a torso was introduced for chemicals which could contribute to longer term health hazards such as respiratory sensitisation and carcinogenicity. The second features a gas canister symbolising gas stored under pressure.

When labels are required to convey such important information, which could safeguard the public or save a life, it is important that labels be high in quality and durable as well. LabelsPlus uses BS5609 permanent adhesive to produce synthetic chemical labels. This adhesive is an industry requirement, since adhesive labels must withstand a 3 month saltwater submersion test. When it comes to the content of your labels, LabelsPlus can print adhesive bottle labels and chemical labels in up to 9 colours and the full range of hazardous pictograms or hazard diamonds can also be printed.

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