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Blockout labels are ideal when you need to cover up out-of-date or incorrect information previously printed. Blockout labels have a tinted permanent adhesive, normally dark blue, grey or black that prevents the image below from showing through – exactly what Veggie Pooch were looking for in two different label sizes.

As Veggie Pooch required small volumes, we produced the labels the most cost effective way – digitally – as this printing process does away with expensive set up costs.  By using the latest technology, the quality of our Digital Labels are now on a par with conventional flexographic presses.

We can supply Blockout Labels on rolls or on A4 sheets, either plain or printed to your specification in up to 9 colours, including 4 colour process and to help  reduce costs, we also have over 3,000 cutters readily available in stock.

There is also a whole host of label types so contact us now for all your labelling requirements on 01663 7362510, we can’t wait to hear from you.

About Veggie Pooch:

Veggie Pooch have a small shop in Kent where they produce all natural, 100% vegetarian, whole-fruit and raw-vegetable pet treats.  They are all made by hand in small batches from only simple, honest ingredients which are an exceedingly nutritious supplement to a dog’s balanced diet.


carrot&honey Buscuit

All of their treats are considered “raw” and compliment a fully vegetarian, vegan or raw diet. The low-temperature, slow drying process takes up to 16 hours and is kept under 60C (140F). This preserves the enzymes in the fruits and vegetables while removing the moisture, thereby creating a full-flavoured and nutritious snack – with added crunch.

After starting with apples Veggie Pooch moved on to carrots before adding sweet potatoes and parsnips into the mix. They had been making them for their dogs for years and now your pet can enjoy them, too. In fact, their dogs – Frankie and Gromit – love them so much that the only treats they eat are Veggie Pooch treats and they hope your best friends enjoy them too.

Apple&Cabbage Biscuit

We thought we’d share the very positive response Veggie Pooch sent us when they received the labels:-

Hi Mark

Received the labels on Tuesday and have just had a look at them. Have to say, they are brilliant. Applied the first one and you can’t even tell it is there… exactly what we were hoping for (more so, actually). And they are quite easy to apply by hand.

We may need additional labels in the future as we look to provide our dog treats to France and Spain – such a label in the appropriate language on our boxes may be a good solution. I will contact you if that opportunity arises.

All the best,

Matthew Barlow

Veggie Pooch – Vegetarian Dog Treats