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Effective labelling is a must in the competitive modern marketplace. It doesn’t matter how good your products are, you will struggle to sell them if they don’t stand out on the shelf. One of the important functions that labels serve is to enhance brand visibility.

To help ensure that your labels look the part, it’s important to choose the right specialist supplier such as ourselves.

Getting noticed

Good quality, well designed labels will help to ensure that your items get noticed. By including your company’s logo, name and taglines on them, you can promote your business and raise awareness of your products among consumers
Ideally, you want shoppers to recognise your business and to be reminded of it on a regular basis when they’re looking for products.

Bear in mind that consumers now have to choose between an array of goods when they are shopping. According to figures cited in a report by Dr Jane Leighton from Mountainview Learning and Dr Geoff Bird from University College London, the average UK supermarket now carries around 45,000 stock keeping units.

This means that if you want your products to end up in people’s shopping baskets, you have to really go out of your way to capture their attention.

The effect of successful branding is to draw people to certain products. Consumers are more likely to consider purchasing items that they recognise and are familiar with.

Creating the perfect labels

In order to achieve the best results with your labels, its important to follow some basis design principles and consistency is key. If you offer a variety of different products, make sure your labels appear the same or very similar in terms of their colours and general appearance.

Attention to detail is crucial too.  Even seemingly small things like using the same font for the text on your labels will help to reinforce brand identity.

Your labels and general packaging must also appeal to your target market. For example, if your products are aimed at kids, bright, bold colours may be ideal.

Worth the effort?

Designing the ideal labels may take a little time and effort but it’s well worth doing.  By using labels to help reinforce your brand identity, you stand to attract more people to your products and to boost repeat custom.  All of this is good news for your bottom line.

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