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PAT Testing Labels – Personalised Pat Test Stickers

Bespoke PAT testing labels can help you promote your PAT testing business as they can be personalised with your company name, logo and telephone number and they also help speed up testing by eliminating hand writing, allowing you to operate more efficiently.

Personalised PAT testing labels could also act as a deterrent to potential theft as all your equipment is labelled with your company details and can even have a sequential number and barcode printed on them, if required.

Our PAT test labels can be manufactured in an extensive range of shapes, sizes, materials and colours, to fit your requirements. To help reduce your costs, we have over 3,000 cutters readily available for you and also offer different adhesives to suit the most common applications.

Although PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) is not a legal requirement, it is an important process in meeting the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, a requirement that all electrical equipment in the workplace that could potentially cause injury is kept in a good condition. Personalised PAT labelling allows businesses to keep track of which appliances have been tested and when, along with the details of the PAT Company that carried out the inspection.

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