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Thermal Direct Labels

Thermal Direct Labels make an excellent cost effective choice for many modern businesses from warehousing and distribution, to healthcare and food production – in fact in any business where you need to keep costs down and be able to print quickly, efficiently and easily, even on the move with hand held printers.

  • A choice of over 3,000 cutter sizes
  • Available with Permanent or Removable Adhesives
  • Graded for Cold Storage/Production Environments
  • Incredibly Easy to Print
  • Inexpensive to Run
  • Huge Range of Shapes and Sizes
  • Plain or Printed
  • Printed up to 9 colours
  • Varnished for Extra Protection

Our thermal direct labels are incredibly easy to print with and offer a great choice in a price-conscious situation when you don’t need lifetime identification.

Thermal direct is the way to go if you need labels for short duration applications, such as warehouse picking, shipping, receipts, patient and visitor ID, coupons and event tickets. The great advantage of this type of label is that the thermal printers used to print the labels are easy to use and inexpensive to run as there are no ribbons, toner cartridges, drums etc required, it’s all in the paper and the thermal print head.

Our thermal labels are available in a huge range of shapes and sizes all supplied on rolls or fan folded, in white or various colours. For extra durability we can over-varnish your labels for added protection.

To know more about our range of thermal direct labels, please get in touch with us at Labels Plus using the contact form below or by calling us on +44 (0)1663 736250.

Even though thermal direct labels can have a shorter lifespan compared to thermal transfer labels, their versatility offers a cost effective alternative with the added ability to be able to print quickly, efficiently and easily.

Most mobile printers are thermal direct, so if you need the convenience of being able to produce labels whilst on the move or in a temporary location, we highly recommend thermal direct.

The big advantage of choosing thermal direct over thermal transfer is the cost of printing the labels.  A chemical coating is added to the label which is highly heat sensitive. Images are printed directly onto the label via the print head. The printer itself is cheap to maintain and run, as there are no expensive toner cartridges to buy, so it’s the perfect choice for high volume use.

Our thermal direct labels are available with a permanent adhesive or a removable adhesive, as well as ones that are graded for cold storage production environments, all of which can come in various shapes, sizes and colours. Finishes include top coated for the highest quality, semi-coated for a good quality and our economy versions for cost effectiveness.

We always have an excellent range of thermal direct base material in stock, so whether you are looking for a plain thermal direct label or a bespoke thermal direct label we will be able to produce them quickly for you.

At Labels Plus, we pride ourselves on ensuring that the quality of our labels is unsurpassed.  This includes swing tags, address labels and food labels. Please get in touch if you’d like any assistance in choosing the right label product for your needs.

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