We supply 2 types of Tamper Proof and Security Labels.

The ultra-destructible tamper proof label, which is made from a special material that once the label is applied to a product it literally breaks and cracks away when any attempt is made to remove it, in a similar way that paint flakes off. It’s very obvious if anybody has been trying to tamper with or remove this kind of label and it’s impossible to remove all in one go. The ultra-destructible labels can be printed in up to 8 colours with barcodes, logos, sequential numbering or just text if required.
The other type we commonly supply is our “void if removed” security label. Once this label has been stuck to the required product and an attempt is made to remove it the word VOID appears in silver. Again, this makes it obvious that an attempt at or full removal of the label has been made. We can print this type of label in much the same way we can our ultra-destructible ones.
Unsure which is the right label for you – please ring us for free samples.