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Integrated Labels & Double Integrated Labels for Laser and Inkjets

Our integrated labels are perfect for use with laser and inkjet printers. Whether you’re using high, medium or low volumes of labels, we have the solution for you. Most integrated products are based on A4 sized label sheets, but we can produce and custom print any size of label for you.

An integrated label is the term used to describe any label that is integrated into a larger sheet of paper. Cheap integrated labels use a normal sheet of paper with the label form cut into it and a self-adhesive ‘patch’ added.

As most of our customers need customised integrated labels that are pre-printed with their logo, terms, conditions and so on, it’s best to contact us directly using the form below, so we can chat with you to understand just what you’ll be using your labels for, allowing us to supply an integrated label sheet that will be perfect for you. If you need any more information please contact Labels Plus by using our contact form below or by calling us on +44 (0)1663 736250.

Using integrated labels saves time, handling and costs. Many of our customers opt for integrated labels when sending out goods; from individual eBay sellers, to large online retailers, often using double integrated labels to incorporate returns labels and dispatch notes.

The advantage of double integrated labels is that everything you need to process the order is on one single sheet. Simply print the customer order details on the pre-printed integrated label sheet on your own printer, pick and pack the goods to be sent, peel off the address label and place on the outside of the package, fold the rest of the label sheet up and pack into the carton, then post out. The integrated label cuts down on printing as all the details you need to work with are all there on one easy to use sheet.

You don’t have to be selling and sending out goods to be able to benefit from the integrated style labels. We also have clients in the medical/NHS sectors that peel off the labels for patient dossiers, labelling documents and folders, in fact any environment where client, pupil or patient records are kept. Integrated labels also have uses in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as advertising and promotional literature.

Our cheap integrated labels remain an excellent choice.

Remember, with integrated labels, logos, terms, conditions and other essential information that is standard on your packing or shipping forms can all be pre-printed on integrated label sheets, both on the front face and the reverse and can be printed in full colour process both sides. If you’re not sure what type of integrated label you’ll need to get the job done, contact us and we’ll be able to help.

Labels Plus is one of the UK’s biggest providers of custom labels such as food labels, self adhesive labels (sometimes known as “sticky labels”) plus, ever popular address labels.

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