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So the Christmas advert season is well and truly upon us and amidst the messages of goodwill and festive feasting there are wider messages about not just the products we buy but the way they’re made and marketed.  This Christmas has seen the spotlight shone brightly on Palm Oil. One of the world’s largest plant oil industries, the multi-use ingredient has become a focal point of concern about sustainable and ethical production and the destruction of wildlife habitats.

Growing consumer awareness and our desires for sustainable consumption is increasingly significant. It’s not enough to be sustainable – it’s vital to show it and shout about it. Enabling you to stand out from your competitors and stand up for your values.

  • Labelling your values front and centre

As responsive and responsible suppliers of labelling on a wide range of products we’re working to ensure that it’s not just the consumers that are empowered to make ethical decisions over the use of palm oil but producers themselves.

With our 23 year experience in the labels industry we have thoroughly researched and tested our supply and work hard to ensure our label products are sourced and produced to the ethical and sustainable standards.

It means that as well as your own products and processes you can be assured that your labelling is palm oil free too.

It joins our successful and growing biodegradable range, which we have developed for both large scale and smaller artisan producers, in our growing response to green consumerism and sustainable behaviour. 

If your products do not contain Palm Oil why not advertise this fact by buying our Palm Oil free label (quotations available on request).