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As one of our offices is in Whaley Bridge, the team here at LabelsPlus would like to thank everybody who was involved in saving Toddbrook Reservoir from collapsing. Your hard work and bravery no doubt averted a major disaster to our village

We cannot praise you highly enough

All the emergency services, our military who dropped bags of aggregate from a Chinook Helicopter to shore up the dam and to the guys on the ground pumping the water out, lugging the bags of sand around,maneuvering machinery about and who for 24 hours per day monitored the unfolding situation and then acted accordingly

You all deserve as much thanks and praise as we can heap on you!

It was touch and go for a couple of days, but due to all your hard work and to your determination, a truly massive disaster was averted

The effort was even enhanced by The Canal and River Trust, which owns the reservoir, who carried out Operation Fish Rescue in conjunction with the Environment Agency to rescue and re-home as many Fish from the reservoir as they could

You are all a credit to your various professions and to your country

Thank you

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