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Label Types


We supply 2 types of Tamper Proof and Security Labels. The ultra-destructible tamper proof label, which is made from a special material that once the label is applied to a product it literally breaks and cracks away when any attempt is made to remove it, in a similar way that paint flakes off. It’s very…
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30th October 2014 - Label Types

Which Adhesive Label Best Suits Your Needs?

When you initially decide that you require a self-adhesive label, one of your paramount considerations is what type of adhesive will you need. Do you want to remove the label or do you want the label permanently stuck to the item? Our adhesives range from glass removeable (which leaves no trace whatsoever on a glass…
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9th October 2014 - Label Types

Plain “On Demand” Roll Labels

Did you know that we supply plain “On Demand” roll labels for most of the latest Digital Inkjet Printers on the market. The fast drying and high ink hold properties of our materials help provide crisp, high quality print and the permanent adhesive we use, offers good adhesion to the majority of plastics, cardboards and metals. Please call…
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12th August 2014 - Label Types


There are many uses for dome labels due to their versatility as they are damage resistant and can grab attention by visual effect (see the examples shown in the above graphic).  They are ideal for situations where communicating a brand identity is vital such as computer and equipment labelling.  Dome labels are also well suited to outdoor…
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26th March 2014 - Label Types